The Soup Diet Cookbook

No Wheat   No Gluten   No Hunger

The Soup Diet Cookbook

The Soup Diet Cookbook

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Now You Can Finally Eat Great, Lose Weight, Never Feel Hungry Again-And Help Save Your Life In The Process

Imagine losing between 28 and 42 pounds of harmful belly fat in a year while eating your normal meals!

That’s the promise. How is it possible?

An acclaimed San Francisco chef who has published in Bon Appetit, Gourmet and Men’s Fitness has developed thirty delicious, fat-free soups and smoothies that turn on your body’s hunger-fighting mechanism.

With recipes such as Carrot, Fennel and Blood Orange Soup and Apple, Melon and Greens Smoothie she uses medical science to show you how to lose weight naturally and painlessly without harsh diets.

Need to lose weight on a fast track? Then let the Soup Diet’s Mix and Match Quick Start program take the guesswork out of melting away the pounds faster.

The four-pronged Soup Diet and Mix and Match Quick Start program will help you lose harmful belly fat fast and painlessly to give you the body you want, the health you need and the confidence you deserve. While you eat your favorite foods!